(13.04.18) ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓ web project now online for Bisagra. Made in conjunction with Daniel Alva.

(20.03.18) Video edit finished of Holly Childs' reading in the context of Be Your Own Boss! exhibition.

(23.01.18 - 27.01.18) Part of the ArteVue ArtePrize finalist exhibition at the Delfina Foundation, London. Photo credit: Tim Bowditch.

(01.01.18) Working with Daniel Alva Torres on a web project for Bisagra, Lima. To be released in April of this year.

(15.11.17 - 21.11.17) Part of Failure in Chrome online resideny hosted by Digital Artist Residency, UK. This project is part of this year's The Wrong (bienniale).

(19.09.17) Be Your Own Boss! featured on AQNB.

(19.07.17 - 22.07.17) Part of Brave New Worlds exhibition of flags above the red stairway of Jacob’s Ladder, between Spring Hill and the Brisbane's CBD.

(14.06.17) In the lead up to Be Your Own Boss! exhibition at Metro Arts in September '17 I will be undertaking a mentorship with artist Antoinette J Citizen. This has been made possible with an Australia Council for the Arts Development Grant. Thanks!

(10.05.17) Article about Game Plan [In the Zone] published on RealTime Arts. Thanks Kathryn Kelly for your time & writing.

(06.09.17 - 23.09.17) Be your own boss! exhibition at Metro Arts, Brisbane

(01.04.17 - 14.04.17) Game plan [In the zone] exhibition & performance at The Walls, Gold Coast

(08.10.16 - 01.01.17) In each other's lectures to be shown at the Diaphane Photaumnales Festival, France

(03.09.16 - 11.09.16) Skype to be shown at the BORG Biennial, Antwerp

(31.08.16 - 02.09.16) Pure reason & bass exhibition & performance at Garua, Lima

(13.08.16) Pure reason & bass performance programmed by Liquid Architecture at West Space, Melbourne

(03.08.2016 - 26.08.2016) Roll & crash, bongo performance & work for same same, curated by Tom Smith at first draft, Sydney

(20.07.16 - 13.08.16) Mentorship with Antoinette J Citizen, Melbourne (supported by Australia's Regional Arts Development Fund)

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