Kiah Reading (Brisbane, 1990) How do we make the world work? Roll & crash, bongo. Pure reason & bass. In each other's lectures, be your own boss! Sex waves, cock ram, game plan, shower party, aerial recreations - another day in paradise.

(2017) Game Plan [In the Zone]

a) The Greater Sunrise video for exhibition.

(2016) Pure reason & bass. When (audio) texts are fragmented and reduced to individual words, lines, ideas and pieced back together in a live, random, non-linear and never ending soliloquy, an infinite slippage is created based on the ambiguous side of language (as excess). Questions responded to by the wrong answer, new versions of old ideas, understanding more or less.

a) Exhibition & performance at Garua, Lima

b) Performance at West Space, Melbourne

a) Screen view of performance.

(2016) Roll & crash, bongo. Performed & exhibited at Firstdraft for Same Same curated by Tom Smith. With Patrick Quick, Chunyin Rainbow Chan, Akil Ahamat, Roslyn Helper, Stephanie Overs & Bogna M. Konior.

a) Same Same catalogue

(2014 - 2015) Be Your Own Boss! lecture performance

a) Click here for more pics & slides and here for text written by Gaby Cepeda

b) Video of performance at Garua, Lima

(2014) Shower Party with Golden Solution collective

a) Click here for more pics

b) Documentation of Next Wave event, Melbourne

(2014) How do we make the world work?

(2013) Another day in paradise